Thousand Oaks Wedding at Los Robles Greens

The wedding day started off with their first look, and from then on I knew it was going to be an amazing day!!! These two are sooo in love and sooo heck’ good looking!! OMG and just look at their daughter, she is the CUTEST!!! I loved shooting at Los Robles Greens, and I hope to be back their again to shoot another wedding! It was so much fun riding around in the golf carts to get to the different photo op locations.

San Fernando Mission Wedding in Southern California

Justine and Rodrigo found me through Thumbtack and I am soo glad we met! They were the perfect, cutest couple. I knew we were going to be a good fit when we first met for their engagement session and they brought their fluffy white pup to include in their pictures!! These two are sooo fun, from getting ready to partying at their reception, I was smiling the whole day!!! Didn’t even feel like I was working!!

The ceremony was at the San Fernando Mission and their reception was at the Knollwood Country Club. Both venues were stunning!!!

San Diego Intimate Wedding at La Jolla Bridge Club

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.. and I probably won’t do the story justice since Eric’s mom told me while I was taking a quick bathroom break before taking sunset pictures. So I will try my best!! (Sorry Amanda and Eric if I get anything wrong!! LOL)

So Amanda is originally from the states, but went to New Zealand for a change of scenery and had been living and working out there for maybe a year or two (tbh I didn’t get a time frame there). Eric’s family travels the world on a BOAT!!! Like wow okay, I wish my family had a cool hobby like that. SOOO on one of Eric’s around-the-world trips, they stopped in New Zealand due to a storm and that’s where Amanda and Eric met.. Somehow in the short time he was staying there, waiting out the storm, their paths crossed and that’s how their love story begins. Storm passes through and its time for Eric to leave to continue on his trip.. He asks his dad if Amanda can come and his dad makes sure he understands, basically like yo, you know you’re gonna be in tight quarters with this girl you just met, and not only that we’re gonna be in the middle of the ocean sooo what happens if this doesn’t go how you want it. WELL he didn’t care, and Amanda continued with them on their long journey. I’m sure you learn a lot about a person while being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with nothing surrounding you but fish and the black abyss that is the sea.. SOOO that’s how we end up here, the lovebirds got married and are continuing to live their best lives.

Seeing the sailboats as decorations, and seeing guests that looked and sounded like they were from different parts of the world, introducing themselves to each other, finally made sense when I heard that story. And it made me feel truly honored to be apart of such a special day.

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Rustic Wedding at Blomgren Ranch in Santa Clarita

Okay so it was very hard for me to just not put the entire gallery on this blog because I love every single moment I captured. So I tried to narrow it down, but still ended up with this HUGE GALLERY to post! This was seriously my favorite wedding of 2018. The locations, the styling, the lighting, little baby Logan!! It was just all too good!!!! We started off their day at Vasquez Rocks to do their first look, and look at how cute they are!!! Mike did full walk around Natalie to check out his smokin’ hot new bride. We did bridal portraits, and bridal party portraits there. All of their suits, dresses, florals, etc. just matched so perfectly with the location.

Once we drove up to the actual venue I was SHOOK. The ceremony space was amazing and covered by just the right amount of trees to have light poking through in the most angelic way. Their backdrop was TO DIE FOR and everyone was super respectful during the whole thing (not a single phone to edit out or duck in front of). GOALS.

When we went down to the reception area I was just as blown away, if not more. All the decorations were sooo perfect. It matched perfectly with the semi-woodsy feel the venue gave. Their sweetheart table was adorbs, and they put the backdrop from the ceremony behind the table so it stayed in perfect view all night. Everyone partied it up as the sun went down. Outdoor venues are a MUST for me now. It will be hard to do any indoor weddings after this.

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Elopement Wedding in Joshua Tree

Paige and Jason gave me the honor of shooting their elopement in Yucca Valley at the Desert Cobalt Oasis. It was a photographer’s dream come true!!! This was my first ever elopement and it was in Joshua Tree, which is one of my most favorite places!!

Their wedding was so intimate and customized to them. Between having their dog at their side during the entire ceremony, to having a create your own taco bar for dinner, I was blown away at how simple and elegant this whole ordeal was. It gave me a whole new perception on getting married. You don’t need fancy expensive decor and vendors, you don’t need 100 guests, 80% of whom you probably haven’t talked to in 5 years. You just need those who matter most to you, and you can make the most of it.

My favorite parts of this day were when Jason serenaded Paige with the song of the band that was playing during the time he proposed to her. He sang and his groomsmen played the instruments. Also, they played a slideshow that was centered around all the pictures they took together while dating. I legit started tearing up myself.

It’s safe to say a lot of us were tearing up that day, but in the words of the fun guys I met on this gorgeous sunny day, it was just so goddamn dusty out there!

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