Point Dume Malibu Elopement

Sophia and Jesse traveled all the way with their closest family members from North Carolina all the way to California to elope on the California Coast. They chose the gorgeous overlook of Point Dume in Malibu to have their ceremony, surrounded with those that meant the most to them. Their date set was March 4th (also my birthday) and the sun was shining its brightest for them. I was super anxious to meet them because due to them living on the other side of the country pretty much, we had never met. We had only been communicating via email.

I helped her out with the ceremony backdrop, she wanted macrame so I found a super awesome vendor (@cultivatedbyfaith) that had the sweetest piece for us to use. Sophia and her family got the flowers while in LA, and even some from a neighbor’s yard of the place they were staying at!! Everything came out perfect.

Jesse showed up first and we hiked to the top of the hill and began setting up, more family starting coming up and things were about to begin.. (I still hadn’t met Sophia!!!) Her sister was the officiant so it made it all that more special. The sun was beginning to set and Sophia finally arrived. She was BEAUTIFUL. She walked up the hill with her father, and everyone cheered as she made her way to the altar.

I will never forget March 4th, 2019. I witnessed the most sweetest, pure love that day. Not only from their family, but from Jesse and Sophia themselves. I have never seen anyone look at their partners the way that they do. So much love and adoration. I know that they’re meant to be for each other. Free spirited and the kindest of humans. As their matching tattoos can confirm, their love for each other will be “always” in “all ways”.