Beverly Hills Elopement at the Greystone Mansion

Had the wonderful honor of shooting Karen & Gary’s elopement wedding at the Greystone Mansion!!! This was super special to me because they traveled alllllll the way from the U.K. to get married in Beverly Hills. They were the sweetest couple I ever met and welcomed myself and David with open arms!

Right from the start I knew this was going to be an amazing day. We pulled up to the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, which is where they were getting ready. Walking inside was like walking into a different world, it was soooo nice and beautiful inside and someone took us up to their room. Karen and Gary were soooo calm and stress-free, it was the BEST! They were just going with the flow and made sure David and I were always comfortable. I took some detail shots and some getting ready shots and we were on our way to the mansion.

Arriving at Greystone was a dream come true!! I had always wanted to shoot there and never got the chance until this elopement!! We walked around and took various portrait shots until we got to the main fountain area. That’s where their ceremony was. An officiant met us there to marry the two of them and it was just the 5 of us. I was soo happy for them, seeing them look at each other while the officiant was speaking, and their excitement when they got to have their first kiss as husband and wife, it was BEAUTIFUL.

We took more pictures and when it was time to leave we got picked up in a ROLLS ROYCE!!! Like I will probably never ride in one of those ever again. The day kept getting more amazing with every passing minute. We went back to the hotel and had a celebratory drink and took our last shots.. Saying goodbye was hard because I knew I had gained two friends that day just to see them leave suuuuuper far away from me! We still keep in touch through IG and I hope to see them again soon if they come back to LA for a vacation!!