Rancho Las Lomas - California Wedding Venue


But first let me tell the story from the beginning. Adrienne and Chris met at work and shared a love for dive bars and punk music. What more can you ask for in a relationship am I right? They fell head over heels for each other and Chris had the plan to propose to Adrienne at a Dropkick Murphy’s show, TOTAL PUNK ROMANCE. They were meant to be, and even more so.. I was meant to be their photographer.

When we met the first time for their engagement session, I asked what kind of music they wanted. For the first time ever, when all my other couples usually request something soft and sweet, they requested fast paced rock and roll music. We jammed out to the Misfits and Bad Religion, and talked about Punk Rock Bowling. GUYS, these two are soo RAD!!!

Anyway, fast forward to their wedding day, I am surrounded by their closest friends and family who also share a love for music and going to shows. Its super easy to get along with everyone and everyone is just super chill and laid back. They get ready, take pictures, and off to the ceremony they go. Their officiant tells their love story with some comedic relief, and I am almost in tears while photographing it because it is just so sweet. The ceremony ends, we take family pictures and the reception begins…

More emotions, between the father/daughter dances (see below) and the toasts, I mean there was just soooo much love at this wedding guys!! I could not handle it! We cut the cake and that’s when the party begins.

Chris and Adrienne hired one of their favorite bands to perform during their reception, they played covers of all the best alt rock songs, and it was literally like being at a show. Everyone was singing along to their favorite songs, I took a shot with some bridesmaids, Adrienne was playing air guitar. It was THE BEST!!!! As my time came to an end, I remember the last song I was able to hear and dance/sing along to was a cover of a Blink 182 song.. We took pictures with the bride and left with the faint echo of the crowd (guests) singing along to the rest of the song and all I could think was that I never wanted to leave the show.