San Diego Intimate Wedding at La Jolla Bridge Club

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.. and I probably won’t do the story justice since Eric’s mom told me while I was taking a quick bathroom break before taking sunset pictures. So I will try my best!! (Sorry Amanda and Eric if I get anything wrong!! LOL)

So Amanda is originally from the states, but went to New Zealand for a change of scenery and had been living and working out there for maybe a year or two (tbh I didn’t get a time frame there). Eric’s family travels the world on a BOAT!!! Like wow okay, I wish my family had a cool hobby like that. SOOO on one of Eric’s around-the-world trips, they stopped in New Zealand due to a storm and that’s where Amanda and Eric met.. Somehow in the short time he was staying there, waiting out the storm, their paths crossed and that’s how their love story begins. Storm passes through and its time for Eric to leave to continue on his trip.. He asks his dad if Amanda can come and his dad makes sure he understands, basically like yo, you know you’re gonna be in tight quarters with this girl you just met, and not only that we’re gonna be in the middle of the ocean sooo what happens if this doesn’t go how you want it. WELL he didn’t care, and Amanda continued with them on their long journey. I’m sure you learn a lot about a person while being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with nothing surrounding you but fish and the black abyss that is the sea.. SOOO that’s how we end up here, the lovebirds got married and are continuing to live their best lives.

Seeing the sailboats as decorations, and seeing guests that looked and sounded like they were from different parts of the world, introducing themselves to each other, finally made sense when I heard that story. And it made me feel truly honored to be apart of such a special day.

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