I'm taking a break from blogging galleries for second to talk about something I have an extremely strong opinion on!!! *CAUTION I DO NOT INTEND TO OFFEND PREVIOUS OR FUTURE CLIENTS, I LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY WITH WHEREVER YOU CHOOSE*

So, let's talk about photo locations.. 9 times out of 10 when a client reaches out to me asking for pictures, the classic line they use to finish off their inquiry is, "but we want to stay local"
I totally understand not wanting to venture out and wanting to stay where you're comfortable, but let's be real here.. If you want some flippin' epic shots of you and your boo or you and your family you HAVE TO BE WILLING TO VENTURE OUT A LITTLE BIT!!! 

Make a day out of it, yelp some places to eat nearby, go to the movies, or just watch the sunset after we finish shooting. I get it LA traffic is AWFUL, who wants to sit in traffic for 1-2 hours when we can just go to the park up the street from your house. Who wants to spend 15-20 minutes hiking, walking when I can just park and walk 300 ft and i'm at the nice spot at the park. Let me tell you something, you're already investing the money in getting your pictures taken, you're gettin' all dolled up, you've bought new clothes for everyone.. MAKE IT COUNT!!! These are going to (hopefully) be hanging on your walls, you want to be able to post these pictures and everyone be commenting how AMAZING your pictures are knowing they're not taken at your local park or trail. You're going to want pictures that are different than everyone else's portraits you've seen.

Cost, I don't charge a lot for travel,  I charge what it takes to fill up my tank (if we go FAARR then maybe to fill up my tank twice). So, INVEST. I promise you it's worth it!! And you'll make me happy too. Happy photog=happy session=happy YOU!!! 



Alexis Family

Look at this family!!! Their little girl was just the cutest! This was a mini session, so I didn't spend too much time with them, but I loved how these pictures came out and their outfits! Murphy Ranch Trail is used a lot by me, but its hard not to when there's all these little gem areas to take pictures at. It's local and a great backdrop. For those who want outdoorsy pictures without having to drive, this is where I usually recommend we go take pictures!

B + R

This maternity session was soooo cute!!! Bridgett and Robert met with me early in the morning to take pictures in Uptown Whittier, they wanted something different than the usual which I was already excited for! We found so many fun little spots to take pictures at, every setting looked completely different from the other which added a fun vibe to the shoot! 

Just look at these two, and look at her dress!! Is that not the cutest dress you've seen?! I love sunflowers so I might be a little biased.. Either way, this couple was super awesome to work with and I know this post is late because guess what? They've already had their baby and he is just the cutest darn little baby boy I've seen!!! Congrats again you two!


I hosted a giveaway with @mallorywiththeflowers on IG and Taylor and Caitlyn were my lucky winners! First of all let me start off by saying the bouquet Mallory put together was gorgeous!! The flowers she chose were bright and lively, and my couple loved them! Okay so, back to my amazing giveaway session! Taylor recommended the location to me. I had never heard of this place and although it was a little far it was SO worth it. I have dreamed of finding an open field like this one and now I can add it to my list of locations. The sun was shining perfectly just over the top of the hill and it made for the best backlighting. 

Taylor and Caitlyn also brought their pup which is always a plus! Made their engagement session even that much cuter!!! This couple was so fun and in love it made for some real genuine moments, I am so glad I got to work with them for this session! Definitely one of my favs.

Check out some of the great shots we got below!!!

R + G

This little park has so many gems to take pictures at! The little green house was my favorite place to be in. Capturing the love these two share for each other was worth being third wheel. I love when couples forget there's even a camera there and are able to just have fun and be all over each other! Plus, couples who wear Docs together, belong together. Am I right or am I right? Check out some of my favorite shots from these two lovebirds' session below!

Tristan's First Birthday!

The set up for this cutie's birthday was amazing! The colors and his outfit went so well together, especially paired with the wooden crates and bridge. Little Tristan was sooo cute with all the funny faces he was making! This set up they put together for his first birthday cake smash was so adorable, they made everything from the cake to the board with all his first birthday details. These are just some of my favorite shots. 


Russel & Belinda 022318

This gorgeous couple was referred to me by a friend/coworker, I think two days before the actual shoot was to take place. They were getting married in Los Angeles and needed someone to capture their special day. The day we were schedule to shoot was also the same day as my dad's birthday, I had the day off, and as luck would have it they were looking to shoot in the afternoon. Which was right after my dad had his birthday lunch scheduled. Everything worked out perfectly! It was almost like it was meant to be! 

They wanted to shoot in the Arts District of DTLA, and I also had been wanting to shoot on the rooftops of LA. I normally took IG models to shoot there, but I had really been wanting to take a couple there to shoot. I suggested the idea to them, not sure how they would feel about sneakily going onto a parking garage rooftop, but they were all for it!!!

We got such amazing shots that day and they were so much fun to be around which makes sessions that much better! I love when couples are willing to go with my ideas and help me turn their session into something greater than I could have imagined.

View my favorite shots from their session below!