Its February 2018, and i'm pretty sure these were taken near Halloween 2017. I can't remember anything specific enough to write about, but I do remember Toma being super cool and me being jazzed that these spots were a block away from my house. I love Whittier!!!


Okay so first of all let me just admit that I am Taylor's number one fan! I was super excited when she agreed to collab with me, and this location made it all that more special! She is a total sweetheart and i've already been honored to work with her on 3 more occasions after I did this set. Taylor is a literal angel and made my green house vibe dream shoot come true!! 


This is from the day I met my bestest photo fren. We clicked instantly and spent the whole day taking pictures and talking about photography and editing. Ahhhh so thankful for the internet, it has allowed me to find the greatest gems. 

Ashley #2

I met another Ashley! I still can't believe we didn't have to hike a million miles to get to this loc. Nothing beats a loc that only requires a 5 minute walk from the parking lot to a view like this! 

Kate LA

OKAY. These locations were beast, first of all! Kate brought different outfits that went with where we were going, so that helped out a lot! Every outfit matched PERFECTLY. My favorite shots from this session were the ones in Chinatown because her blue outfit went with the blue area, and the black with the red area. We didn't know you can't take pictures there and got kicked out, but luckily we were already done with our shoot!