Hello there friends!! My name is Nicole De Anda and I LOOVE photographing people IN love! I am a dog lover and scary movie enthusiast. I follow more dogs than people on IG and i’m apart of way too many dog FB groups. ((Dogspotting is life)) October is my favorite month and Halloween is my favorite holiday, I usually try to watch a new scary movie every night for the month of October. My favorite thing right now is coffee, especially when it’s iced. When I am not photographing weddings or engagements, I am working as a 9-1-1 operator for LAPD. It’s not as crazy as you think, and being able to photograph what I love keeps me sane! What I love most about photography is being able to create long standing friendship with my clients. I love watching their children grow and being able to still keep in touch after their wedding is over.

I would love to be your third wheel on any and all adventures planned with you and your loved one. My goal is to make you both feel super comfortable and stress-free. I am here to capture the love you guys have for each other and preserve it for eternity! Let’s make some memories!!!!

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My Style

When I think of my photography the words that come to mind are "candidly posed". That's usually how a session goes with me, I like those candid moments, but sometimes my clients need to be led in the right direction to get there. I might have you sneak up behind your partner and twirl them in the air. I might have your kids run around both of you while you kiss in the middle. I might make you guys have a tickle fight, who knows! I still like to get a couple of those "Say Cheese" moments, but those just aren't as fun. You don't get true emotions in pictures like that. It's way more cute, in my opinion, to have photos hanging from the walls in your house of more interactive/intimate moments. They add life and personality to your pictures. So just know if this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then my photography might not be for you. However, if this sounds like something fits what you were looking for in a session, then let's set something up!